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Cruise Walkie Talkies

Thecruisewalkietalkie value pack for kenwood pro-talk tk-431 tk-3130 tk-2200 tk-2100 includes walkie talkie earbuds with talkie earpods for easy listening. These earbuds are designed to with a tripod-based headlight and are compliant with the international telecommunication union's can-tv regulations. The walkie talkie earbuds provide good sound quality with a natural sound quality. The earbuds also fall into the " wanted " category because they are not just for music but for any other type of audio where sound is important.



By Motorola

USD $147.00

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The cruise walkie talkies are the perfect way to keep in touch with your loved ones on a cruise. These earphones will allow you to talk to your loved ones on the bridge of the boat or in the salon. Additionally, there are also accessory for these earphones for those who want to add a bit of color to their overall cruise look.
this is a great addition to your child's outdoor space. They can talk to their friends and family all they want, but no one will know. This walkie talkie is perfect for young people. It has two talkies in each end, so they can talk to all of their friends and family. It is also perfect for adults as they can talk to their friends and family without having to carry a walkie talkie around.
looking for a versatile lanyard for your walkie-talkie? this one is perfect for you! The adjustable 6-pack lanyards are perfect for any size walkie-talkie and add a touch of luxury to any device.